Types of Wood Skirting

Numerous types of wood skirting boards have been used and each type of wood gives a different board and style.

Oak Skirting Boards

Oak Skirting Boards give a beautifully finished wood and are much more durable than MDF. Only quality oak is used and is known to be exceptionally beautiful and long-lasting.

Pine Skirting Boards

Pine skirting boards are a middle ground between the low priced MDF skirting boards and the quality of oak. Pine gives a wider grain than Oak and is not quite as dense, but is still nice

Veneered Skirting Boards

Oak Veneered are basically MDF and veneered with oak and there are other types of MDF boards that are veneered with natural wood.

Ash Skirting Boards

Ash is a unique and high-quality skirting board. It is a slightly cheaper than Oak. Ash is a fairly modern hardwood and can be lacquered to give a nice finish.

Beech Skirting Boards

Beech skirting boards are light coloured and have a speckled grain making it unique and matches furniture made from Beechwood.

Walnut Skirting Boards

Walnut boards are the absolute top of all the choices and it is also the most expensive, has a decorative grain, rich colour.

Maple Skirting Boards

Maple is a very attractive light colour and grain variation. It is also used in many car interiors as well as jewellery boxes. It is a hardwood and good quality.

Your choice

When you are furnishing or refurbishing your home you need to do it in your style and also with the materials that make you comfortable and happy. So, make your home your place and put your touches, styles, colours, and everything else that will make it special in your eyes and uniquely yours. It is your choice and you don’t get to do it every day.